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Drop In: Co-Ed Class Pass

Drop In: Co-Ed Class Pass

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Practitioners with experience can join us for our Adults Co-Ed Jiu-Jitsu program. The class pass lasts all day, so you can take advantage of two classes on select days.

Noon - 1hr
7:15pm - 2hrs

Class consists of a warm-up, followed by drilling/technique and typically ends with an application phase. 'Application' can be assigned partner free-rolling, positional sparring, drilling, King-of-the-Hill, stand-up only, or another form of applying technique in live action.

Monday: Noon - Gi | 7:15pm - Gi

Tuesday: Noon - No-Gi | 7:15pm - Gi

Wednesday: Noon - Gi | 7:15pm - Gi

Thursday: Noon - No-Gi | 7:15pm - Gi

Friday: Noon - Gi

Saturday: Noon - No-Gi


Covid-19 Update: Everyone must enter with a mask on and pass a temperature check at the front desk. If your temperature is below 99F, you are permitted to join class. If surpassing the aforementioned temperature, you will be on our quarantine list for 2 weeks and will not be permitted to join class until the time period has expired.

*Gi Rental is an additional $10 if required

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