Certified Roberto Traven Affiliate

Team Mongoose BJJ is a proudly certified affiliate of Roberto Traven and Team Octopus.

What's an affiliation?

An affiliation is a created community between local schools. Cross-training is common among affiliates, as you're welcome to visit different gyms and train with new people and make new friends. It's common to see affiliate faces in our gym as well; it's encouraged for everyone to visit everybody.

Being affiliated also provides open opportunity to gain knowledge from multiple professors and therefore a wider range of techniques.

In terms of family, if you think of your training partners as BJJ Siblings, and your professor as Parent, your affiliate schools would then be considered your Cousins.

Who is Roberto Traven?

(Professors Roberto (left) & Maajid (right) at the 2019 Atlanta Summer Open)

Roberto has fought all over the world and is a 5x IBJJF World Champion (combined adult/master divisions) as well as an Absolute Champion in the ADCC. He's also competed in high level MMA for the UFC.

Prof. Roberto Traven and our very own Prof. Maajid Al-Kush have shared many prestigious partners over the years. They both earned their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts under Romero 'Jacare' Calvacanti, founder of Alliance and 8th Degree Coral Belt.

What is Team Octopus?

Roberto Traven operates and trains out of Team Octopus Midtown. There are several Team Octopus locations throughout metro Atlanta including Chamblee, Sandy Springs, and Cartersville. There are also Roberto Traven affiliate schools all across the U.S.