Competition Team

Team Mongoose loves to compete and couldn't do so without our beloved students!

While not everyone strives to be a world champion, both kids and adults are strongly encouraged to compete at least once.

Competing not only gives yourself a goal in training, but also better displays your abilities by sparring against new opponents from different schools who are of similar weight, age, and skill level. While all students are not required to compete, those who choose to do so will experience expediential growth.

The Team regularly travels the Southeast Region competing in IBJJF, Newbreed, NAGA, and AGF tournaments. Check out our Team's Smoothcomp Record as a testimony to some of our success in Newbreed and other local competitions.

Sure, winning is fun - but competition days are also about spending quality time with your team, cheering on your jiujitsu friends, and sharing in one another's success. Precious memories and bonds are made on these days: win, lose or draw.

Sportsmanship is a big part of competitions and Team Mongoose strives to instill good sportsmanship and respect, particularly with children. Professor Maajid always says: You win or you learn. It is only when you refuse to learn, will you have truly lost.


Interested in taking your jiujitsu to the next level, or setting a goal to test yourself? A tournament is an experience you wouldn't want to live without!

We encourage you to challenge yourself and take your game to the next level with Team Mongoose!