2021 Covid Update

Starting January 1st 2021, the following applies:

  1. There is no need to pre-register. Please be aware, no more than 35 persons will be permitted within the building at one time. If this limit is exceeded, non-student guests (and parents) will be asked to remain outside for the duration of class.

  2. You must wear a mask into the building. Once your temperature has been taken by a staff member and registers below 100F, you will be allowed to remove your mask. You do not have to remove your mask if you do not want to. If your temperature is above 100F, you will not be permitted back at Team Mongoose for 2 weeks from the date your temperature was taken.

  3. You must sign a COVID Waiver, confirming you have not had contact with the virus within 2 weeks prior to your visit.

  4. If yourself, a relative, or roomate have contracted an illness, (Covid or otherwise), you should refrain from training and self-quarantine for a minimum of two weeks.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

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