Kids Summer No-Gi Special!

Kids Summer No-Gi Special!

Looking for a summer activity for your kids?

Engage with us during no-gi jiu-jitsu classes 2x per week for a 4-Week Bootcamp. Develop your no-gi/grappling skills at Team Mongoose BJJ with No-Gi Pan American Gold Medalist, Maajid Al-Kush.

Kids will develop coordination, improved balance and agility. Also develop skills such as:

  • Direct Coaching from IBJJF No-Gi Pan American Gold Medalist
  • Learn Takedowns and Takedown Defense
  • Learn Chokeholds and Arm Locks
  • Development of grappling and submission wrestling skills

No-Gi Classes are Tuesday & Thursday

Starting at $99 for 4 Weeks, plus $125 registration fee

Deadline is June 4th!

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