Women's Self Defense

Women's Self Defense

Our Women's Program is an introductory level Jiu-Jitsu class that focuses on fundamentals and self defense. Team Mongoose strongly believes that self-defense cannot be encompassed in a single seminar, and so our full-length program allows for repetition to develop muscle memory, timing, and athletic ability. 

This women's only program is a fundamental class in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, in which introductory level students feel comfortable within a learning environment of women focusing on community, health, and self-defense. These classes build confidence, encourage fitness and muscle-memory, as well as cultivate skill with application and reaction time. 
The program is led by Coach Hannah, who is the highest-ranking student at Team Mongoose. Hannah also teaches the Little Pipes and Big Kids classes and promotes a family environment for Mother-Daughter students to participatein the program together. The women's program allows for students 12 and up to participate. Family bonding over a mutual love for an art builds relationships and character between family members. 

What should I expect from this class?

Women Only, Minimum Age: 12
Duration: 1 Hour
10 Minute Warm-Up
40 Minutes Technique & Drills
10 Minute Cool-Down
 Each class begins with a warm-up to loosen the muscles. Next, the class will go over one of many various possible situations in which a combative technique may be utilized to protect yourself, or to neutralize/deescalate threats.
The class drills for repetition and finishes with a cool down to relax the body after the workout.


Why is Jiu-Jitsu Great for Self-Defense?

Jiu-Jitsu can be used strategically for fighting larger, stronger opponents - and succeeding. Utilizing knowledge of human anatomy and physics, a smaller person can adequately defend themselves using proper form and technique. Dedicating yourself to training your muscles to respond this way will make the response natural over time.

Not only is the art great for fending off larger opponents but jiu-jitsu is great for violence control. Not all self-defense situations may require the extreme. You do not need to escalate a situation when you can subdue an opponent with a choke or joint-lock to neutralize a threat without creating more violence.


What Will I Learn From This Class?

This class will teach you how to protect yourself, escape, and/or attack from various standing and ground positions. You will learn:

  • How to defend against being choked
  • Escape from headlocks
  • Escape from someone sitting on top of you
  • Escape when someone is pinning your arms
  • Attack from your back
  • Sweep an opponent from your back, to get on top of them and attack
  • How to take down an opponent to the ground
  • How to attack with various chokeholds
  • How to attack with various armlocks

… and much more.


With regular attendance in the Women's Self-Defense Program, students may also see great success in the co-ed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu courses that encompass sports jiu-jitsu as well. 


Women's Classes are included in your monthly membership but are also available in Single-Purchase Class Passes.

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