Coach Hannah Wentz

Hannah Wentz has been a practitioner in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Professor Maajid Al-Kush since December of 2014. She is a technical practitioner who demonstrates knowledge encompassing aspects of both jiu jitsu and judo.

Hannah dedicates a mass amount of time to training, competing, and coaching. Her first competition in jiu-jitsu was 3 months after beginning to train, taking home Silver in No-Gi and Bronze in Gi. Her first finish was by submission in under 32 seconds. Since then, Hannah has competed numerous times at dozens of gi and no-gi competitions throughout her ranks.

(Hannah at the 2021 IBJJF Gi/No-Gi Atlanta Open)

Not only did she graduate to blue belt within her first year of training, but she is the first female practitioner to receive a Blue Belt under Professor Maajid Al-Kush. She continued to maintain this title at Purple Belt, being the first and only female to achieve this rank under the professor in 2019. Currently, Hannah is also the overall highest-ranking student at Team Mongoose Jiujitsu.

She has been involved with both the Lil’ Pups and Big Kids Jiu Jitsu programs since 2019 and substitutes the adult classes. In 2020, she contributed to starting the Women’s Only program at the school, in which she is the head coach. She aspires to encourage other women within the martial art in both sport and defense, using this program.

Outside of jiu jitsu, Hannah has also been a high-level athlete in softball, competing on a travel fast-pitch team for 8 years. She carried the competition to jiu jitsu and enjoys spending long days with her teammates on tournament day. She also enjoys traveling, miniature crafting, collecting vinyl records, video games, and taking long naps.


Personal Accomplishments

  • 2016 Awarded Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • 2019 Awarded Purple Belt in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu
  • 2020 Started Women’s Only Program
  • 2021 Silver Medalist IBJJF Charleston Open
  • 2021 Gold Medalist IBJJF Atlanta Open Gi
  • 2021 Silver Medalist IBJJF Atlanta Open No-Gi
  • 2021 Silver Medalist IBJJF Atlanta Summer Open Gi
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