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Aaron Cardenas

Experienced in Judo and holding a Brown belt in Goju Su Doo Karate, Aaron trained for six (6) years under Sensei Durk Bryant. Currently, he holds a White belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, training under Professor Maajid Al-Kush. Aaron enjoys spending time meditating, gardening, reading, connecting with animals, children and nature, as well as, spending time with friends. He believes in promoting a healthy and pain-free lifestyle via healthy eating and exercise.

Aaron believes in the teachings of martial arts because of the impact it has on instilling respect, discipline and the indomitable spirit gained through hard training and consistency. He is currently pursuing personal training certification to increase his knowledge and experience in the field of exercise and rehabilitation. His passion for helping people live a healthy and pain-free life is crucial to accomplishing his life goals.

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