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Adriel Garcia

Adriel Garcia was born in Decatur, GA and raised across the U.S. with his younger brother by single mother. Eventually ending up in Alaska, he found himself in local street-fighting circles and backyard brawling. At 14, his mother moved them closer to family in Snellville, GA where he was introduced to Aikido by Sensei Don Brown. This training was cut short, as he suffered catastrophic injuries from a vehicular hit and run while walking to a friend’s house. The extent of his injuries put him in intensive care with a 5% chance of survival. Six blood transfusions, a craniotomy, multiple facial and body fractures, a grade 3 A/C separation, a metal rod to hold his femur together, two years of in-patient hospital care, and physical therapy left Adriel with the determination and perseverance to become stronger and pursue martial arts despite opposition from medical professionals, and thereby earning his fight name ‘Iron Man’. At 18, Adriel began dedicated training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the expertise of Professor Maajid Al-Kush. BJJ has become Adriel’s life passion and pursuit - to train, compete, and teach - as it has afforded him unprecedented strength, fitness, confidence, and motivation.

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